Design Ideas: Modern Canopy Bed

I love the look of a canopy bed, but Brian thinks they are too fru fru. I wonder what he would think of this one:


Of course, it’s from Paris… shocking that I am in love with something Parisian, I know. But isn’t it a neat “new” canopy bed – plus it has a platform base, which just adds to the perfection. I’m not crazy about black, though… What do you think?



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One response to “Design Ideas: Modern Canopy Bed

  1. Quirnechia

    I want a canopy exactly like this but instead of having a regular bed on it I’ll have a huge Japanese futon cushion on it. My canopy shall be covered or “wrapped” in a gold banner like curtain…. If I find the exact one that I’m looking for! I seen one in a store, I ran up to it and to my disappointment it said “Not for sale”. They knew what they were doing.

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