I can garden, yes I can

Earlier this spring, my handy husband built me a big wooden box so I could try my hand at growing things. Well, I had tried to grow things before, but with only limited success (remember my sad, sad basil plant?). So, while he was busy building things in the garage, I went down to Lowe’s and talked to the smart people there about starting a small garden. Boy are they helpful. The Lowe’s man piled me up with a few bags of regular dirt, a bag of manure, a bag of lime, and a few bags of miracle grow garden soil. Oh, and some plants. I got home and got planting and only a few short weeks later I had this:


What is growing here? Well, from left to right on the front row, we have parsley, lots of yellow onions (those are the tall skinny green things that are all over the garden box), strawberries, and basil. In the back row, left to right, we have rosemary, leeks, cilantro, mint, and lettuce. I planted four lettuce plants, but only one survived. Fortunately it is thriving! Brian is super excited about the mint (he actually was sad I only bought one mint plant) because he is eager to make homemade mojitos – yum!

I am super excited about the strawberries (Chambers is too – he checks them out whenever he happens to walk by).


See his nose there? And do you see what he’s checking out?? Yes, it is our very own strawberry.


And yes, I picked it soon after taking this picture and it was perfect.

I may actually have a greenish thumb after all (or at least I know how to take instruction well).

Have you planted anything recently? If so, how’s it going?



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2 responses to “I can garden, yes I can

  1. This looks great! And I know the proud feeling of growing herbs. I did parsley and chives last year and opted for chives and basil this year. I will put the seeds in this week. We only have a small box on our balcony, but nevertheless I love it. And nothing, absolutely nothing beats a homemade mojito. Enjoy the spring!

  2. Dad

    Seems as if you did not inherit the dread “black thumb,” genetically incapable of growing anything paternal gene. Of course, it could just be skipping a generation…

    We’re all curoiusnto find out!

    Love you

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