the road ahead

So, the readers have spoken: more kitchen adventures and more about our house. Plus, you’d be happy to see stuff about my life, too, which is great since I’m kind of an overshare-er. Poor Chambers is not pup-ular, but you’re stuck with him anyways. Don’t worry, you’ll grow to love him. He’s pretty cute.

So, first I thought I’d share one of my go-to recipes, that I’ve actually already shared with you: made-from-scratch tomato sauce.

In my earlier post, I added pureed veggies that I had grilled the evening before. This time I diced up some chicken I had made the night before and added it in while the sauce simmered. Then, when the sauce was almost ready, I added a pile of greens I picked up at the farmers market (kale and turnip greens, to be exact).  I also have a crazy, rogue basil plant in my back yard (more on that later), so I chopped up some and added that, too.

The turnip greens are really peppery, which was a nice addition. I would recommend them, if you happen upon them.

Making this tomato sauce recipe is an easy way to make something that feels like something you just made up, which makes me feel kind of important. In my own little world, anyway.

Do you have any ‘go to’ recipes that make you feel all chef-y?


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