house update

It seems like it might be a good time to update you all on what our lil’ home looks like. There have been lots of additions/changes/etc. since I gave my first tour and we made good on our plan to furnish first, decorate later. Without further ado…

The front of our house.

Not too much has changed from when we bought it, but we did make some adjustments to the plants in the front. I wish I had a photo of how it looked before… well, actually I don’t. It was awful. The builder put in a few small bushes and the tree thing (holly, maybe?), which we kept, but there was also four tufts of monkey grass and pine straw instead of mulch. Now, don’t go assuming I’m a monkey grass and pine straw hater. I’m not. The can look great in many yards, but my teeny tiny yard was just not one of those yards.

I know I need to rake up those dead leaves… and you can’t really tell what it looks like with everything barren and trimmed back. I’ll try to remember to show you what it looks like in the spring all blooming and flourishing.

Let’s move inside, shall we? These are some shots I took of our first floor right after we moved in.

I’m basically standing at the front door in the above picture. In the next picture, you can see just a smidge of the reclaimed wood drop-leaf table I bought for $45 that we used as a dining table for a loooong time. It was about 3 square feet. See the corner of it there in the bottom left?

So, what does our first floor look like now?

{sorry about the glare on the walls… not sure how to fix that – it’s a reflection from the glass-topped coffee table}

We are waiting on the chair to go with that ottoman – it will add some much needed color. Yea!

Moving through the doorway you see in the above picture, you get to our dining room and kitchen.

And our new dining table (whose chairs I recovered here).

The kitchen is the same, since there wasn’t really any furnishing to be done in there (you know, since it’s just appliances mostly and we had nice, new ones when we moved in). But all in all, a pretty big difference on the first floor, right?

So, what all did we do?

1. We bought a couch that could fit more than three people at once.
2. We bought a dining table that could fit more than two people at once.
3. We bought a coffee table and media stand, then upgraded those two pieces to the ones we have in there now.
4. We bought some things to put over the mantle.


5. We painted.

There is still lots we plan to do (like get a table non-wonky lamp for the living room and um… put some things on the walls), but we feel like we’ve come a long way!

Have you ever started from scratch with a room (or an entire house, like us)? What did you do to make it feel more like you actually lived there? Any tips for us as we continue to make our house a home?


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