Picture Post: A California Christmas

Since Brian and I got a fancy new camera, we’ve both been taking more pictures. Here are some that I took on our recent trip to California for Christmas. The first is a sunset taken from the beach in front of our house. Ah-mazing.

The house we stayed in is on the far right. It was so cute – an old, 1920s beach ranch once owned by Rudy Valentino.

This picture was taken right outside our house – isn’t the falling apart tire swing sort of neat?

And since we were in CA, we saw some surfers (on Christmas Day, of course).

Also taken on our Christmas Day drive:

{in case you can’t tell, that is a fish, not a bone}

{i know it’s a little whitewashed, but I kinda like it}

While we were in CA, we went to see the Getty Villa, which was stunning. Brian took this amazing picture, which will likely find itself on our walls.

Our house, from the beach, a little more close up:

Another beautiful sunset…

My cute parents:

Pretty great trip – I can’t believe it’s already behind me. At least I have these pictures – what a difference a good camera makes!!

Did you go anywhere fun for the holidays?



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