design ideas: wall art

So, as you may have noticed in my home tour, we have very little on the walls in our house. If you were counting, we actually only have five things on the walls. All the walls. Oh, and did you notice that those five things happen to be in the same room? Yep, all are in the dining room.

See the art in the upper left? My dad took it and it’s in an antique frame – love it.

Those three picture were taken by me when I was inadvertantly ignoring Brian on our engagement hike.

The last picture is to the left of the doorway in the above picture, on the way up the stairs to the second floor.

Our wedding party – my mother in law thinks it looks like something out of Twilight. I’m not sure what that means/how to take that. I think it’s a good thing.

So yea, that’s it. Since we are pretty much all settled furniture-wise (we just bought a chair to complete the living room, woo!), the next step is to get some things up on the wall. Here are some ideas I’ve gotten from Pinterest.



Lots to see there and all so different… but some good ideas, I think. I love the idea of the gallery wall, but if we go with that I’d want it to be a little more a-traditional (like non-white/black frames or lots of different kinds of frames and objects).

I also like the idea of something big for our big wall…

{it’s actually even bigger than it seems in that picture…it keeps going to the left of the photo}

I think something  like the nail and yarn letters (though what would you spell?) or the big frames with either wall paper or a unique piece of art or a photo could be neat.

So many ideas, so many walls to fill, so many options… it’s a little overwhelming. Anyone out there have any ideas about where to start?

Do you have any experiences filling blank walls? Where did you start? Should I just go for it or compile things slowly?


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