design ideas: corner chandelier

I mentioned this in my post about wall art, but Brian and I bought a new chair for our living room.

It fills up a previously awkwardly empty space and also meets my totally random need for an ottoman. I love ottomans, did you know that about me? I should add it to the list. It’s orange – well, sort of rust-colored actually. Brian picked it out and it is a great pop of color in our otherwise-fairly-neutral living room.

I’m working on a pillow for the chair – more on that soon.

So, one of the reasons we really wanted a chair for that corner is so we can have little reading nook. We both love this set up:

Isn’t that wonderful? Another reason to not do a gallery wall on the big wall across from the chair. Too many gallery walls in one room.

I also love this idea for above the chair:

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

Isn’t that neat?

But this post isn’t about walls… it’s about ceilings. And light.

Instead of doing a side table with lamp set up, we were thinking of stringing up a sort-of-chandelier. Like these:

What do you think? I’m a little worried that it would be annoying to see the direct light (lamp shades were invented for a reason).

I saw this recently and thought it could be a fun option:

Have you ever done anything out of the ordinary with lighting in your place?


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