travel bug: mooresville, nc?

I know, you are all DYING to visit Mooresville, NC – it was just on T&L’s Gold List, right? Oh, wait… Well, if you do find yourself in Mooresville, I would suggest visiting the Lazy 5 Ranch.

It is a wildlife zoo-type place, except the wildlife roam free (well, except the giraffes). You can either drive your car around (which Brian and I when we went a few years ago) or take a horse and wagon (driven by a tour guide of sorts). We did the latter this past weekend with our International Student. It was fantastic.

Can  you see the crazy flying lemur in the above picture? They were pinging off of everything in their little habitat.

There are also zebras, buffalo, deer, llamas, potbelly pigs, bulls with crazy horns… You know, wildlife. In Mooresville. North Carolina.

Does your hometown have any unique tourist attractions?


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