Travel bug: Wilmington, NC

Brian and I were in Wilmington, NC this past weekend to celebrate the wedding of two friends, Matt and Lacey. Brian was in the wedding, and was busy most of the weekend, leaving me free to relax and explore the beaches of this fabulous town.


Along with the ladies belonging to the other groomsmen, I spent the weekend sunning on our houses rooftop deck with a chilly beverage in hand.


Our amazing house had several decks, which we thoroughly enjoyed (when we weren’t partaking of local restaurants or enjoying the wedding-related festivities).


It was such a relaxing few days, I wish we could have stayed longer (I’m still too relaxed to get up when my early, early alarm goes off). Oh, and I did capture our groomsmen as they headed off for the wedding. I couldn’t get Brian to do anything gun for the camera, but fortunately our friend Matt was more than happy to entertain.


What a guy. {Don’t mind Greg, who is the opposite of obliging.}

Have you been to the beach yet this year?

{All pictures taken by me with my iPhone. Edits made by various apps. I heart Apple.}


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