travel bug: europe, part iv

When I left off, we had just finished up our second day in Florence with a great meal with friends and were looking forward to more exploring on our final day in Florence. Our friends suggested we check out the Galileo Museum (after we admited that the long, long lines caused us to pass on the two big museums in Florence – Uffizi and Accademia – who wants to spend three hours in line when you only have a limited time to explore the actual city?!). We were glad we did – no line at all and lots of neat science-y/math-y Galileo nuggets to be seen. Plus, I found this outside:

You may remember, that my grandfather made fun of my tattoo at my wedding – the short story is that he claimed it looked like a worm (which he alleges I chose because it reminded me of my first fishing trip with him, where in I asked my grandmother for soap and a rag to “clean” the fish). Really, it’s the symbol for my horoscope sign, Leo. But it does look like a worm.

Anyway, I digress… Once we got our fill of Galileo and his wonders, we decided (well, I suggested and Brian agreed) that we should search out the best gelato in Florence (according to a friend of mine), Vivoli. It did not disappoint. We got our gelato and wandered to the Piazza Santa Croce and took it in (the first full day of sun in Florence! yea!).

We wandered around some more (are you sensing a theme?), making our way back to our hotel.

I am still amazed that our hotel was right.on the Piazza del Duomo. It was wonderful (and surprisingly not noisy). I took this picture from our room’s window:

We decided to rest up for our big meal that day: dinner at (what would be come our favorite place of the trip!) Coquinarius. Oh my gosh, was that place amazing. Mmm. My stomach is growling just thinking about it. We decided to get three pastas to split because we couldn’t decide. We got the pear ravioli , the pea and rabit ragu with linguini, and a gnocchi dish. All were beyond delicious and very inventive.  It was the perfect ending to our trip and left us excited about the many other tasty meals we had in store!

Next up: Cinque Terre!


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