travel bug: europe, part vii

Our last, and final, day in Cinque Terre we decided more hiking was in order since we had such an incredible time hiking the day before. Brian discovered a hilltop church that was accessible by a trail beginning at the top if Riomaggiore. We took the coastal trail from Manarola to Riomaggiore bright and early and noticed that we could see the church from the trail. We were excited!

See the white-ish building at the top of the far hill? That’s where we were headed…

The trail had a different feel from the coastal trails, in fact it felt a lot like hikes in our home state of North Carolina. Very woodsy, lush and green.


All along the trail were these little alters to different saints and Brian had the good idea to capture them for possible artwork in our home. Here are some of my favorites:


Once we got to the church, we were rewarded with a beautiful building (still in use!) and beautiful views.


And just to prove it was in fact the same church we saw earlier:


We hiked back down and decided to head back into Corniglia for lunch – we saw lots of tasty-looking places the day before and decided to try one out for lunch. After filling our bellies, we explored the town a bit more.

Once again, our feet were begging us to rest, so we napped and vegged out before heading to the happy hour at La Torreta. After chatting with some of the others staying at our lovely B&B, we made our way to Trattoria Billy for dinner.


Billy is widely known as the best restaurant in Manarola and we were excited to see if it lived up to its reputation. We had the best seat in the house – the corner of the patio, perfect for viewing the sunset.


And the meal was delicious. Just as lovely as the view. The perfect ending to Cinque Terre.

Up next: Paris!


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