travel bug: europe, part viii

We got up bright and early (5am!) to head to Paris, the final city of our trip. I know Paris might sound like an odd next step, but in addition to offering us cheaper flights home, I have had a love affair with the city ever since my first visit in 2006. I was so excited to share Paris, my favorite city, with Brian, my favorite husband. We arrived after taking two Italian trains, a taxi, a plane, and two French trains and made our way to Le Hotel Londres Eiffel, our home base.

We plopped our things down, rested a bit, and then made our way to the big sites in town.



We underestimated how far we would walk and made it back to our hotel with aching feet. Fortunately, we had dinner plans at Le Timbre to look forward to. What a meal! Definitely recommend it – friendly, helpful staff and delicious food. {and the lovely waitress translated the WHOLE menu when we said we were unsure of a few items.}

On our way back home, we swung by the Eiffel Tower, just cause.

Do you see it? Just peeeeeking out??

The next morning, we decided to check out a market near Le Bastille that the ladies dining next to us at Le Timbre recommended.

After wandering through the lush market, we bought ourselves some pain au chocolat and made our way to a nearby cafe for some espresso. Then we decided to wander around Le Bastille neighborhood and then through Le Marais. Brian became obsessed with finding graffiti by Space Invader and Banksy (he loved Exit Through the Gift Shop), so we took lots of pictures of possible works by them (perhaps for additional wall art!).

We wandered through Le Bastille and Les Marais and decided that we would certainly live there when we move to Paris.

We had lunch at falafel restaurant (yum!) and then wandered some more.

Can you imagine playing your pick-up ball game with THAT as a back drop??

“Cuisine de la Louisiane” – peanut M&Ms, shake and bake and marshmallows. Obviously.

Our next stop was Pere Lachaise – the cemetery where many celebrity are buried. Honoré de Balzac (French novelist of the 19th century), Max Ernst (German artist), Joseph-Ignace Guillotin (proposed the guillotine as the official method of execution in France), Marcel Marceau (French mime artist), Molière (French playwright), Édith Piaf (French singer), Oscar Wilde (Irish novelist, poet and playwright)… oh and Jim Morrison (American singer and songwriter with The Doors).

It is a beautiful place to walk around. The first time I went, it was drizzly, which was perfect. But this was perfect, too. Sunny and hot everywhere else in Paris, but shaded and cool on the grounds of this beautiful cemetery.



On our way home, we decided we would swing by the Museo Rodin, since it was one of my favorite places I had visited on my last trip. The line was long, but it moved quickly. And the museum was just as lovely as I remembered.





The museum is not only sprinkled with lots and lots of the artist’s amazing sculptures, it is also home to an array of stunning roses (something I didn’t get to experience on my previous trip, since it was in the fall).



When we finally decided to head home we were exhausted and happy. We headed to dinner and crashed – we had an early flight the next day…

A wonderful trip, indeed. Wow. Thanks for letting me share my memories (and lots and lots of pictures!).

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…





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