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friday find: glow-in-the-dark driveway

if i ever am in a position to pave a driveway i’m definitely going to throw in some glowstones.

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

isn’t that amazing? it could also be a neat way to illuminate a back yard patio or pool surround or something.

have you found anything fun lately?


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friday find: cloud bracelet

not sure i’ve ever seen a pink cloud, but i still really like this bracelet.



subtle and special.

hope you have a great weekend!

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friday find: somebody that i used to know cover

if you’ve listed to the radio at all in the past few month, no doubt you’ve heard ‘somebody that i used to know’ by goyte. brian has been obsessed with the song and one day NEEDED to hear it. so, he went on to youtube and found this amazing cover.

pretty fantastic, right?

i’m posting this today in honor of my friend matt, who is a music nut and is marrying a great girl this weekend. congrats!

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“friday” find (yes, i know it’s monday)

so, this past friday i was off enjoying my best friend’s wedding weekend, but being there inspired me to share this neat little diy hair accoutrement. you see, i’ve really gotten in to doing my own hair (more than just the basic blow dry/straighten) and this would make for a fun addition to one of my up-dos.




i will (maybe for once) actually attempt to diy this and let you know how it goes.

any other fun hair thingies out there? {dad, any suggestions?}

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friday find: strawberry greyhound poptails

Oh, wow. Did you know that I love greyhounds? The drink, not the dog. Well, I love the dogs, too, just for right now I’m talking about the drink. If you’re not familiar with the tasty beverage, your basic greyhound consists of vodka and grapefruit juice, usually with a slice of lime. They are delicious and refreshing and not sickeningly sweet like most summery cocktails. So, take this delightful beverage, add some pureed strawberries (mmm) and freeze ’em to make – wait for it – POPtails. I KNOW.


Who’s in?

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friday find

Oh wow.

I think a trip to Anthropologie (and then the South Pacific!) may be in order.

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest


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friday finds

I’m updating my old “friday finds” posts by adding lots of fun things I’ve discovered/rediscovered over the past week. Hope you enjoy!

A piggy bank-slash-key wrangler would maybe (maybe) prevent Brian from leaving stray pennies and dimes all over the house


Fig Old Fashioned: Figs, good. Bourbon, good.

Balloon above Paris. As if I wasn’t already so, so excited for our trip to Europe later this year…

DIY luminaries – worth the effort? Maybe, just maybe.

Bobbi Brown’s newest creation


I’m currently obsessed with all things broccoli, so this broccoli slaw is calling my name.

I have been drooling over this bag for quite some time…


Love, love, love this master bedroom.

Precious baby – and parents with a sense of humor. Love it.


That’s all for this week! Have you found any fun things worth sharing? Let me know…

Have a great weekend!

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