travel bug: europe, part i

Brian and I had been talking about taking a big trip before we even talked about talking about starting a family (we hear traveling with babies is harder than traveling without them). We had been talking about this trip basically since we got married. Where would we go? What would we do?


We decided on Italy because neither of us had ever been. And we decided to do as much as we could without spreading ourselves too thin. Oh, and I made him go to Paris. I know that’s not in Italy, but it’s my favorite city. Ever. And I wanted to show it to my favorite boy. Ever.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. First we went to Italy. To Venice, Florence, and Manarola, to be precise. And I want to tell you (and me, for posterity) all about it.

First: Venice.


We arrived in Venice after a red-eye flight and a well-timed Ambien. We took the bus to the train station (after figuring out that it costs extra to do the bus+water bus combo ticket and learning that the ticket machine only likes Eurostar Mastercards… just FYI) and then took the water bus/vaporetto to our hotel’s stop (Ca d’Oro).


After we checked in (loved our hotel/b&b Hotel Bernardi Semenzato), we wandered around until we met up with the sister of the work study student in my office for lunch (she’s studying in Venice – love the small-world-amazingness of that). We chatted with her and got the scoop on what to do while we were in town. After lunch, we wandered back over the Rialto bridge to the Doge’s Palace.


We wandered through all the beautiful rooms and took in all the opulence of the palace. After meandering through the swarms of tourists in Piazza San Marco, we hopped back on the vaporetto and took a tour of the city on the grand canal (loved these trips on the vaporetto – like an impersonal, but equally fabulous gondola ride).


Then we headed to dinner (after a quick nap, of course!) at Antiche Carampagne, which was delicious. I ordered a dish that was certainly on the top of my list for favorite meals in Italy, and I have no idea what it was (something about baby octopuses and tagiolini). We had prosecco and (of course) gelato. We wandered back to the hotel the long way, through Piazza San Marco, which was lovely, despite the men selling flying toys.

The next morning, after breakfast (and an earthquake), we decided to just wander semi-aimlessly through the city, enjoying getting lost and finding our way again.



And we saw this little kid who was shooting passing gondolas with a water gun. Love, love, love.


After a great lunch at a little pizza place, we headed to the station to catch the train to our next destination. It was a short, but great, visit to Venice.

Up next: Florence!


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the birds and the bees (and frogs)

A friend shared this with me and I spent the last ten minutes laughing so hard I was in tears. Have I told you about the time my mom told me about the birds and the bees? Well, if not, it went a little like this…

I used to think my mom was just *too* honest with me (and thus I was traumatized), but this monologue made me realize that it was probably my own fault (I always did ask too many questions).

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friday find: glow-in-the-dark driveway

if i ever am in a position to pave a driveway i’m definitely going to throw in some glowstones.

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

isn’t that amazing? it could also be a neat way to illuminate a back yard patio or pool surround or something.

have you found anything fun lately?

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european vacation teaser post

to come: lots of pictures and tales from our recent trip to italy and france! stay tuned…


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happy mother’s day!

have i ever told you about my mom? she’s pretty great.

she calls me her “favorite” because she read somewhere that you’re not supposed to do that to your children. so, she’ll leave me messages on my phone that start with “hi my favorite, it’s your mom…” and i’m sure any eavesdroppers are totally appalled. she thinks it’s funny, though, because i’m an only child. so, i am her favorite.

happy mother’s day, mom. you’re the best little mom in the entire world and my favorite.


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friday find: cloud bracelet

not sure i’ve ever seen a pink cloud, but i still really like this bracelet.



subtle and special.

hope you have a great weekend!

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Travel bug: Wilmington, NC

Brian and I were in Wilmington, NC this past weekend to celebrate the wedding of two friends, Matt and Lacey. Brian was in the wedding, and was busy most of the weekend, leaving me free to relax and explore the beaches of this fabulous town.


Along with the ladies belonging to the other groomsmen, I spent the weekend sunning on our houses rooftop deck with a chilly beverage in hand.


Our amazing house had several decks, which we thoroughly enjoyed (when we weren’t partaking of local restaurants or enjoying the wedding-related festivities).


It was such a relaxing few days, I wish we could have stayed longer (I’m still too relaxed to get up when my early, early alarm goes off). Oh, and I did capture our groomsmen as they headed off for the wedding. I couldn’t get Brian to do anything gun for the camera, but fortunately our friend Matt was more than happy to entertain.


What a guy. {Don’t mind Greg, who is the opposite of obliging.}

Have you been to the beach yet this year?

{All pictures taken by me with my iPhone. Edits made by various apps. I heart Apple.}

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